Big Picture

This post title is literal, I’m talking about a bigger TV (and more).

I’ve had a 27-inch CRT Sony for years (great picture), but the idea always was to move this TV upstairs to the bedroom (where the bedroom TV is a disaster), and get a flatscreen for the living room.

Finally got the chance to get one of those big, honkin’ LCD screens (Sanyo).

Wow. Bigger pic and all that, but – TV and DVD – lots of pixalation.

Big TV was just Part I of my III part plan.

Next, got an upscaling DVD player. I just watched Casino, and the well-lit parts of this are (especially) outstanding. Even on a big-ass TV, very little grain, and virtually no pixalation.

Then, I upgraded from Comcast Analog to Comcast Digital (with HD channels).

Many issues to report, but bottom line:




Lester Holt on MSNBC news (HD) is impeccable, even on this large screen.

The digital feed makes non-HD channels much better than analog, really.

There are issues (that I’ll bring up as I really identify and get fixed/not), but overall, WOW.

I’ll only be watching HD channels (networks, History Channel etc) unless there isn’t an HD option (Comedy Central – with “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” – are sadly NOT HD….).

Welcome to the 21st Century, you analog Luddite…