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Inland Empire
David Lynch, Director

Showcasing a stunning, understated performance by Laura Dern, director David Lynch perhaps “out-Lynches” himself.

What’s it about? As with many Lynch productions, that’s not easy to say. It’s a movie (or two) within a movie, and it’s hard to keep track of what pieces are from which layer.

It’s three hours long, but doesn’t drag, even though it is a very slow-placed movie for the most part (portions of frantic edits, surreal imagined (?) scenes supplement the slower, Lynch-like portions).

I just finished watching it a couple of hours ago; it’s still playing in my head, and predict it’ll play there for some time. That kind of sums up the movie for me.

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Just some random notes related to some retail experiences I’ve had lately.

  • Credit where credit is due: It’s a long story, but I ordered a CD (Best of Leo Kottke) from Amazon last month that never arrived – I’m 90% sure it’s the post office’s fault, but I went there to discuss such, well, the PO doesn’t know where it is. So a waited a bit to see if it would show up, and last Monday wrote Amazon about the issue. Tuesday morning when I checked my email, I had a response saying they (Amazon) would reship the CD for free; it should arrive Thursday. It arrived Wednesday. No hassle. Granted, this was a relatively low-cost item (not saying I ordered a PS3 console that didn’t arrive) and I do order from Amazon a lot, but still – nicely done.
  • Big Brother: I was also shopping around for an external hard drive recently. Hit a few sites, checked out this or that drive. Now, when I go to certain (note: non-techie) sites, I get highly targeted ads displaying an ad for – for example – (which helped my search) for the exact hard drives I was looking at there. I know the technology (FetchBack and others do this), but, whoa, spooky.
  • Why are cables such a rip-off?: In connection with the hard drive search (above), I was looking for a longer USB cord than came with my potential choices. I wanted a 12′-15′ foot USB A/B cord. Best Buy: $29.74 (on sale; one option). $2.02. That’s right, I could buy 14 for less than the purchase of one at Best Buy. (Update: Ended up getting a USB2 M/F extension cord; 15 ft. for $4.14 including shipping at Best Buy had only a 6-ft model of same; $22 [on sale] not counting shipping. Again, why the rip-off? Even if the cables are inferior [I haven’t had one of a dozen die, but let’s pretend], I could get 14 cables for the price of one so-called good cable Best Buy priced from Really think 13 of 14 cables will die??)