Dining Options

New dining room table:
Dining room table
Romy has in the last dozen years or so wanted a “real” dining room set.

No argument here.

A couple of months ago we purchased a new dining room set (table and four chairs); it arrived last week.

From Crest Furniture. The delivery was a bit borked up, but resoleved.

YES – better tables and so on!

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Happy Birthday National Parks!

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Grand Canyon, AZ

Mount Ranier, WA

St. Mary’s Lake,
Glacier National Park, MT

Bass Harbor Head Light
Acadia National Park, ME

Mt. Rushmore, SD (National Monument)

Badlands, SD

Pikes Peak, gathering storm, CO
National Historic Landmark

Devils Tower, WY

Indian Cliff Dwellings
Bandelier National Monument, NM

It’s the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service. As Ken Burns has noted – and filmed – it sure does seem to be “America’s Best Idea.”

Some of the parks pictured here are technically “national landmarks” or such, but still. Visit them all!


Our house … is paid off

Our house

Paid off the balance of our house today. Target payoff early 2018; hey, we came in a year and a half early!

Should be a “pop the champagne” moment, but not really.

Had to write a check; got a receipt for said check.

Nothing to sign except the check. No fireworks/sparklers.

Ya know, this is spozed to be the American Dream.

NOTE: The title is a riff on when we negotiated the last mortgage: Our House.