Happy Bday iPhone!

iPhone 1Yes, the iPhone is now 10 years old.

Like a lotta things, it seems to be way older and – at the same time – “it’s really a decade old??”

Like/hate the iPhone – and all other smartphones since 2007 – this was a game changer.

Will – in the next decade – smartphones seem like novelties, like flip phones and MP3 players?


But what replaces the smartphone??

Ah, that is the $100 billion question..

Out with the old Linux


Out with the old – for me, original – Linux server.

In February 2006, I turned this old Dell (P3) Windoze box into a Linux server.

  • First try to – by myself – build out a Linux server.
  • I actually bought a RedHat Distro (Kernal 6.2). It came with stickers, one of which I proudly attached to the front of the desktop.
  • I put everything on the box that should be expected – vi, Perl, PHP, mySql, FTP server, FTP client, sendmail and so on
  • Over the years, I added other not that unusual but not usual stuff: PostgreSQL, imagemagick, Python (at the time non-standard).
  • Learned mySql replication (easy, but fragile)
  • I ran a lot of shell scripts off this box (another skill acquired); messed with Apache & mySql & PHP ini files. I basically taught myself a LOT by playing with this box.
  • By 2013, space (only 40G) on this box was becoming an issue. Purchased new Dell (1TB drive) and made it a modern Linux box (again, I built the software of it myself – install, configs, crontab and so on). Then I slowly moved all OLD Linux box functionality to NEW Linux box

So – at this point – the old Linux box is a nice memory, but it’s unnecessary. I’ll be taking it offline this weekend.

It’s kinda sad – look, a floppy drive, a Zip drive, look at the built-up cat hair hanging from … almost everywhere…

But let’s look forward….

Update 7/2/2017: Took box offline….for the last time. Sigh!

Yahoo! be gone


All of the websites owned by Yahoo are now officially part of Verizon. And former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who famously left Google to take over the Purple Portal, is walking away from the company with a pretty sweet deal. Nearly $260 million.
Marissa Mayer leaves Yahoo with nearly $260 million

Kind of a sad day for the internet – Yahoo! is sorta gone (will be part of the AOL/Yahoo company Oath, which is … currently, icky).

End of an era, that’s for certain…as someone who’s been on the intertubes since before the web…*sigh*….