Match the Art

Director, Christopher Nolan

Guy Pearce stars in – and is riveting in – this movie that just messes with your mind.

Displayed in reverse chronology; the story (at one level) of a man (Pearce) out to get the killer of his wife.

Pearce’s character – as a result of the trauma of his wife’s brutal death – has left him with no ability to remember anything post her death. He relies on Polaroids, notes, tattoos to help him keep his life in order.

Second time I’ve seen the movie – loved both times – but I think this is a flick you should get on DVD and watch Saturday and then again on Sunday – I’m certain I’m missing some nuanced issues.

Who is the good guy/gal? Bad guy/gal? What is real, what is not real? One of (too few) movies that prompt discussion about what really happened and so on.

Highly recommended.

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I think there is a better match (a Wyeth?), but when I saw this picture I took of Romy it just reminded me of some East Coast artist’s creation. Here’s the match I can find – both Maine early-morning sun:

Romy in Acadia, ME (2008):

Edward Hopper’s “Morning Sun” (1952) – Portland, ME