Out with the old Linux


Out with the old – for me, original – Linux server.

In February 2006, I turned this old Dell (P3) Windoze box into a Linux server.

  • First try to – by myself – build out a Linux server.
  • I actually bought a RedHat Distro (Kernal 6.2). It came with stickers, one of which I proudly attached to the front of the desktop.
  • I put everything on the box that should be expected – vi, Perl, PHP, mySql, FTP server, FTP client, sendmail and so on
  • Over the years, I added other not that unusual but not usual stuff: PostgreSQL, imagemagick, Python (at the time non-standard).
  • Learned mySql replication (easy, but fragile)
  • I ran a lot of shell scripts off this box (another skill acquired); messed with Apache & mySql & PHP ini files. I basically taught myself a LOT by playing with this box.
  • By 2013, space (only 40G) on this box was becoming an issue. Purchased new Dell (1TB drive) and made it a modern Linux box (again, I built the software of it myself – install, configs, crontab and so on). Then I slowly moved all OLD Linux box functionality to NEW Linux box

So – at this point – the old Linux box is a nice memory, but it’s unnecessary. I’ll be taking it offline this weekend.

It’s kinda sad – look, a floppy drive, a Zip drive, look at the built-up cat hair hanging from … almost everywhere…

But let’s look forward….

Update 7/2/2017: Took box offline….for the last time. Sigh!