TV Series – Season Three is the marker

White Collar 3

Last weekend I was bored and looking for some TV shows (on DVD) to watch.

I stuck in a bunch of shows that I liked, and here is my take-away: Season Three nails it; is sorta the peak of the shows.

It may well be that the shows continue on and do well, but most series never get better – overall (yes, totally objective) – than season three. First season is the set up; season two is the changes (dropped/added characters). Season Three – Hopefully got the grove….

Sample of same from SEASON THREE this weekend:

  • Covert Affairs: Last few episodes. Great.
  • White Collar: Middle of season; solid.
  • Parks and Recreation: This show went all over the place – the last two seasons were great, but season 3 is where it really hit its stride. Season One was sorta a mess – season two is the real beginning of the show.

Outliers? The West Wing season 4 is – to me – better than season 3. But the first few episodes of season 2 are some of the best television ever. *Shrug*

Again, just my opion.