Where Were YOU When the Lights Went Out?

Just had a (rare) power outage, just as I was digging into code.

When this happens, one realizes just how one is dependent on the tiny electron.

No computers.

No TV.

No radio.

No wireless phones (cellphones – if charged, of course – are fine).

Power be back! Das is gutte…

Happy Birthday Blog

Yeah, it’s that exciting…

Today is the fifth anniversary of this blog. First post, May 17, 2001.

Not quite sure what this means or if anyone should care (correx: No, no one should care).

But this is a long time in the blogosphere, and I’m proud of that. Added features, updated the GUI, yet didn’t post as much as I would have liked.

Bring on the next five years!

Life Imitates Art

Do you remember the movie The President’s Analyst, where James Colburn – in this role, a shrink (analyst) – became increasingly unhinged after continuous sessions with the U.S. President?

And his parinoia became real because – as his (unfilmed) sessions with the Prez indicated – there was a Big Brother – but it turned out to be the PHONE COMPANY!!!! How funny! How unrealistic!! How unexpected!!

That was (?) fiction.

Today, it is non-fiction: NSA has massive database of Americans’ phone calls.

So, all my calls (and this is how it should be read – as in “all YOUR calls”) have been accounted for. Not listened to, but who I/you called when and for how long.


The doctor.

The AIDs clinic.

The shrink.

The escort service.

The abortion clinc.

The grocery store.

The mistress.

The hardware store.

The airline.

The professor of Middle-Eastern studies.

The “Have you ever had that not-so-fresh feeling” hotline.

The “any banal call” you’ve made.

The “any potentially embarrassing call” you’ve made.

ALL captured.

Your phone (and Internet, but that’s sorta a given, to a degree that I don’t agree with) calls are on “record,” and there is no “pause” button.

Paging Geoge Orwell….

XXX Dead

At least for now, the “xxx” top-level domain is dead.

This is no surprise – almost everyone thought this was a bad idea, and I’m talking about a whole bunch of folks who you normally don’t see agreeing on things. The federal government, porn producers, anti-porn activists and so on.

All for different reasons, but all against. Weird.

Let’s see if someone tries to raise this issue again in a few years…probably…

Gas Attack

Filled up the tank of my car today; it was almost empty.

Damn, I’ll miss that kidney…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. motorists finally got some relief at the pump as the national retail gasoline price fell for the first time in six weeks, dipping a penny over the last week to $2.91 a gallon, the government said Monday.

U.S.: First gasoline price drop in 6 weeks

OK, according to CNN, the 10+ gallons I tossed in my Ford “Babe Catcher” Escort is now – as a total – a dime cheaper than last week. Whoo-hoo!