All the President’s Men

All The President's Men

We re-watched All the President’s Men this weekend. In just under a year of Trump (investigations, allegations, charges and guilty pleas), this seemed a good choice.

I haven’t watched this movie in decades – came out in 1976, so I probably watched it first on VHS (DVDs first came out around 2000 or so).

The movie – all 139 minutes – holds up. It’s a lot of doing the boring work of journalism – calling, confirming, squeezing people to get some facts…yeah, sounds boring.

It is.

But the movie presents it all in a way that makes the mundane – in this case – seem compelling.

It succeeds.

The book is (obviously?) better, but if you’ve read the book (All The President’s Men) or not, the movie still captures the essence of the book, which is, simply – we found something bad in government, reported same.

And – to a certain extent – changed history.