Can we talk about infrastructure improvements?

Can we talk about infrastructure improvements?In light of the recent, horrific train crash in Philadelphia, can we please begin to have a conversation about infrastructure improvement?

Recent reports suggest the train was traveling waaay too fast for the tracks, but even if it was human error, can’t we discuss upgrades to our rail/highway/(and so on) infrastructure?

Now’s a pretty cheap time to do so – borrowing money (yes, increasing the state/federal debts) has never been cheaper, and is soon not going to be that cheap (thanks to the improving economy).

And again – yes, the train was (for whatever reason) traveling too fast. Why can’t our rail system handle higher speeds (because our infrastructure is weak due to slipping funding)? Why aren’t the proven systems of auto-slowing down “too fast” trains in place there (again, lack of funding)?

Infrastructure improvements will cost money, create new jobs, help create an ecosystem where businesses can flourish (by leveraging the great roads/rails and so on).

And – like it or not – this or that bridge/track/highway is going to have to be replaced at some point.

Why not now? Yes, there are pros and cons, which include – of course – political pros and cons.

But can’t we at least have the conversation?