American Hustle

American Hustle
Starring: Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner

Synopsis: Two small-time grifters run afoul of an aggressive FBI agent. To minimize their potential penalty, they agree to help the FBI pull down bigger fish.

And then everyone gets in over their heads…

Oh – and Jennifer Lawrence is the crazy estranged wife who believes she is controlling everything…while she is blowing everything up.

Great 70’s style (explosion at the wig factory!!), slow start but amazing ending.

Not what I was expecting, but totally worth a watch. Great performances by all, but Lawrence and Bale (Lawrence is Bale’s estranged wife) really shine.

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We finally saw a “new” movie this past weekend, and the more I reflect back on it, the better it gets.

Not great cinema, but a weird (which is good) story line with actors really nailing it.

The ending was a nice twist – not Sixth Sense twist, but, well, appropriate.