And so this is Christmas…

For us, at least, the Xmas holidays (work/personal) are over.

Did I eat just about everything? Yep.

Did I get what I wanted? Didn’t really want anything, so that’s a tough question to answer.

But the holidays are over – we live to fight another (holi)day!

Mesh routers and home assistants

I’ve read a lot about the new “home assistants” – Amazon Echo and Google Home. Others – from Apple or whomever — will be coming.

Good concept, and I think it’s the future.

But what about mesh networking? Google’s WiFi or eero. Both are advertised as “just work.” And others will be coming.

Why not combine two – the assistants are already WiFi enabled, just add a chip for meshing.

Why have two devices (assistant, mesh router) in every room instead of one?? One device (less ugly), one plug (each has to be powered).

I’m convinced this will happen; just wanna say….