Amazon logistics


Long story short – Romy and I were talking on Friday (6/26) about the Ken Burns’ series “Baseball.”

We had watched it; she suggested I buy it….

Later in the evening she looked it up on Amazon, and, yeah, I should purchase it. (Less than $40; but surprised that it was 4:3 [pic format]. It was initially released in 1996…OK…).

OK – I’m an Amazon Prime member (free two-day shipping on most stuff). Whatever.

So, ordered something late Friday, expect it on Tuesday (two biz days).

But when I placed the order late Friday (6/26) (~ 9:45pm), it promised a Sunday (6/28) delivery!


Turned out to be true – ordered the DVD Friday night at approximately 9:45pm; the delivery came on Sunday at about 11:45am.

38 hours. Delivered on Sunday (by USPS). DVD originated from just northwest of Indianapolis. Imagine how much faster it will be when the Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Kenosha, WI (about 50 miles from home, as opposed to Indy shipment, approx. 200 miles away).

Weird new world – I didn’t ask for Sunday delivery (and never expected it), it just came with Prime, I guess.

Just a note about what I’m seeing…

Firefox – stop!

A new version of Firefox appeared today; I installed same.

While I appreciate the security and other fixes, I DO NOT appreciate the install – as part of the base code – of a new part of the browser: Pocket.

Yeah, Pocket sounds interesting, but don’t make it part of a base install of Firefox – make it a trusted add-on, from Mozilla.

Don’t force (non-security) stuff on folks – Again, Pocket sounds interesting. If I really cared, I’d download the add-on.

ALL additions to the browser core can have security issues – more code that can potentially be exploited; it’s the nature of the beast. Don’t make this part of the code base. For security.

ALL additions to the browser core can create overhead that slow things; it’s the nature of the beast. Don’t make this part of the code base. For speed.

Make it an add-on.

And that way, should Pocket become an issue, one can uninstall the add-on, not have to have a new browser with this functionality removed.

That’s the reason I use – for personal use – Chrome on Win64. Just fast, clean, uncluttered.

NOTE: I love Firefox for the way it supports Add-Ons: As a developer, I’d be lost without Firebug & Web Developer; as a person, I’d hate to live without ForecastFox. But don’t put these types of features – like Pocket – in by default, please…

My take. And I “get” Pocket, but won’t (currently) use it.

That’s me.