Yes, it is iDay – the day of the iPhone launch.

Do I want one? Yep. (Why wouldn’t any even slightly geeky individual not want one?)

Do I need one? Nope.

Will I get one? Nope (at least not now).

Do I think this changes everything about cellphones, as has been the general buzz?


The one striking thing I note when I read reviews about this product is that the reviews are not about a cellphone, the reviews are about a mobile device that does A, B & C – oh, and you can use it as a phone, as well.

I do think this is a watershed moment in cell phones and all mobile devices; I’ll be interested to see what Apple does next (3G, for example) with this device.

And that’s the key – it’s not a cellphone.

It’s a device. A handheld computer.

Steve Jobs appears to be an overbearing, Type-A asshole controlling freak of a boss, but he seems to have a handle on not only what people want, but – more importantly for sales – on what they should want.

And the innovation – based on existing tech, agreed, but put together in a friendly form – is astounding.

And thanks to the reality-distortion field, Job’s attention to detail, some amazing UI and tech engineers, here is a device everyone wants.

Let’s see how reality plays out now that XX users have the iPhone and begin banging away on it…


When I awoke today
Suddenly nothing happened

— Colin Hay, Waiting for my Real Life to Begin

I sought out this song after hearing it on an episode of Scrubs (excellent use of music on this show).

In the show, it was sung by a woman, and I still want a cover of this song by a woman: It just worked better for me than Hay’s (a guy’s) version.

But an excellent song, outstanding Scrubs episode and some poignant lyrics.


Junk e-mail continued to land in mailboxes around the world Thursday, despite the arrest a day earlier of a man described as one of the world’s most prolific spammers.

Spam flows despite high-profile arrest, MSNBC

I a shocked, shocked to discover that there [are more than more than one spammer] going on [in these tubes].

Like slapping a mosquito. Duh.

OK – it’s a good thing and sends a message, but it will not affect spam in the least bit. Sorry. That’s the reality.