SCO Filing for Bankruptcy

Well, it’s no surprise to anyone who has followed the lawsuits filed by/against SCO over the past three or so years, but SCO has finally filed for protection under Chapter ll.

SCO’s – love them or hate them – litigious ways have always seemed like a “bet the company” move. You don’t sue your customers (AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler) without raising more than a few eyebrows; when you sue IBM for, frankly, anything, you’re in for the fight of your life.

It looks like the company has lost its bet. Bad for the employees, bad for Groklaw, but – overall – a good thing and a long time coming.

What this does to Novell – who was supposed to start a trial next week to see how much SCO owes them – is less clear.

But this appears – finally – to be the true beginning of the end of SCO’s litigation against all things Linux.

Stating the Obvious

An AP story, via CNN: Men want hot women, study confirms.

Regardless of what men say they are looking for in a mate/date, they tend to want to mate/date good-looking women.

We needed a study for that?

This just in: Bears do shit in the woods…and the Pope is Catholic.

UPDATE: Coincidentally, Josh Marshall noted how lame – overall – CNN has become:

I’ve noticed this a lot recently on CNN, especially since their redesign. It’s not an issue of not fronting enough ‘good for you’ serious news versus tabloidy stuff. It’s more that they increasingly feature ‘weird but true’ stories as their lead. Not sure what that’s about.

Talking Points Memo, 9/5/2007